In My Hands Today…

The Pink Hotel – Anna Stothard

16002027A seventeen-year-old London girl flies to Los Angeles for the funeral of her mother Lily, from whom she had been separated in her childhood. After stealing a suitcase of letters, clothes and photographs from her mum’s bedroom at the top of a hotel on Venice Beach, the girl spends her summer travelling around Los Angeles returning love letters and photographs to the men who had known her mother. As she discovers more about Mandy’s past and tries to re-enact her life, she comes to question the foundations of her own personality.

In My Hands Today…

The Karachi Deception – Shatrujeet Nath

30373045Three commandos of the Indian Army’s elite Unit Kilo—Major Imtiaz Ahmed, Captain Shamsheer Suleiman and Lieutenant Rafiq Mehmood—are chosen for a one-of-a-kind ops mission: to enter Pakistan and eliminate dreaded underworld don, Irshad Dilawar. However, somehow, the Inter-Services Intelligence and Dilawar always seem to be one step ahead of them, foiling every plan they make. It doesn’t take long for Major Imtiaz to realize that something is amiss—the operation has been compromised. Will he be able to successfully complete his mission, or are he and his men, like Abhimanyu, entering a trap they cannot make their way out of? Set in the world of covert operations, where double-crossing and diabolical mind games are the norm, The Karachi Deception will keep you hooked till the very end.

Poem: The Joys of Travel


I love to travel and have a bucket list which only gets filled, but never empty. My dream is to win big in a lottery so I can indulge in travel. At this point in time, life is in the way and I yearn for a time when I can complete obligations so I am free to travel. This poem is but my yearnings set free!


I believe that travelling opens up your mind and is a great teacher. As much as we can afford it, we try to take BB & GG to as many countries and cultures before they grow up.

At this point in time, life is in the way and I yearn for a time when I can complete obligations so I am free to travel. This poem is but my yearnings set free!



The Joys of Travel


The excitement starts long before you board the plane
In fact, it starts when you start making your plan

You look at travel sites and plan your holiday
At the shiny hotel rooms where you plan to stay

The excitement builds up until it’s time to board the flight;
Waiting for the captain to announce the descent
You can’t control yourself, you’re almost at your dream destination

What a thrill it is to be able to travel,
There’s never a moment which is dull

You learn to broaden your horizons
You learn to respect other cultures

To be able to travel is a precious reward
One that will serve you all your life
Make you someone more than your backyard
Keeping yourself above all strife

So go ahead and book your ticket
The world is your buffet
Pick and choose where you want to travel
The world is after all just a bubble

So go ahead and explore to your heart’s content
It’s your life, make it an unforgettable event!



In My Hands Today…

The Illicit Happiness of Other People – Manu Joseph

13707645Ousep Chacko, journalist and failed novelist, prides himself on being “the last of the real men.” This includes waking neighbors upon returning late from the pub. His wife Mariamma stretches their money, raises their two boys, and, in her spare time, gleefully fantasizes about Ousep dying. One day, their seemingly happy seventeen-year-old son Unni—an obsessed comic-book artist—falls from the balcony, leaving them to wonder whether it was an accident. Three years later, Ousep receives a package that sends him searching for the answer, hounding his son’s former friends, attending a cartoonists’ meeting, and even accosting a famous neurosurgeon. Meanwhile, younger son Thoma, missing his brother, falls head over heels for the much older girl who befriended them both. Haughty and beautiful, she has her own secrets. The Illicit Happiness of Other People—a smart, wry, and poignant novel—teases you with its mystery, philosophy, and unlikely love story.