In My Hands Today…

Progressive Dinner Deadly – Elizabeth Spann Craig

12432313To the residents of the sleepy town of Bradley, North Carolina, hardworking Jill Caulfield seemed beyond reproach. She volunteered at the women’s shelter, worked at the church preschool, cleaned houses for extra money, and actually enjoyed yard work. And she was nothing less than a saint to cheerfully put up with her unemployed, skirt-chasing, boozer of a husband.

When intrepid octogenarian sleuth Myrtle Clover caught Jill, her new housekeeper, peering into her medicine cabinet, she should have been upset. But discovering that Jill wasn’t such a squeaky-clean goody-goody made her vastly more interesting in Myrtle’s eyes.

Myrtle would have happily continued figuring out what made Jill Caulfield tick. If Jill hadn’t foolishly gone and gotten herself murdered, that is.


2018 Week 7 Update

With a long weekend just ended, it feels like a chore to get back to usual programming.

Last week, S randomly asked me a couple of times for the phone model I use. I wondered why initially and then it struck me that perhaps this was something to do with his V Day gift to me. And I was correct, S got me a phone charger case plus a much-needed cover for my old iPad as gifts.

My eye infection has still not been cured. I was getting better and so I didn’t use the medicine one day and from the next day, I eyes started swelling up and becoming red and watery, especially when I wake up in the morning. I am now waiting for the doctor’s clinic to open so I can go again, my third time in two months for this infection! Hopefully, this time will be last time I need to go and it gets resolved without many problems.

Have a wonderful week people!

2018 Secondary 3 Week 7 Update

This was a very short school week for BB & GG. They only had full-day school for three days and then Thursday was Chinese New Year celebrations in schools with half day school thrown in and then a long weekend which means they only go back to school on Tuesday.

GG finished all her common tests and the teachers were nice enough that they did not pass out the marked papers this week. This meant that both teachers and students had a stress-free holiday!

There’s really nothing to write about the children this week since there was nothing to write about!

Have a wonderful Sunday and a Happy Lunar New Year!

In My Hands Today…

How I Became a North Korean – Krys Lee

28110119Yongju is an accomplished student from one of North Korea’s most prominent families. Jangmi, on the other hand, has had to fend for herself since childhood, most recently by smuggling goods across the border. Then there is Danny, a Chinese-American teenager of North Korean descent whose quirks and precocious intelligence have long marked him as an outcast in his California high school.

These three disparate lives converge when each of them escapes to the region where China borders North Korea—Danny to visit his mother, who is working as a missionary there, after a humiliating incident keeps him out of school; Yongju to escape persecution after his father is killed at the hands of the Dear Leader himself; and Jangmi to protect her unborn child. As they struggle to survive in a place where danger seems to close in on all sides, in the form of government informants, husbands, thieves, abductors, and even missionaries, they come to form a kind of adoptive family. But will Yongju, Jangmi and Danny find their way to the better lives they risked everything for?