Chica learns something new

Every day, around 4 pm, Chica could be found at the window of her room. She would be in for about an hour and when she came out, she would be in a very funny mood. Her mother was perplexed at this and one day decided to go down to the root of this mystery.

So one day when Chica was, as usual at the window, her mother, entered Chica’s room and peeked out of the window too. When Chica saw this, she quickly turned her face, but not before the game was up!

“Chica, why do you sit here every day?” mama asked. Chica didn’t want to reply, but had to reply to her mother and said “Mama, I want to learn how to ride a bike like these girls there”. “So what’s stopping you?” replied mama. “I’ve heard you fall when you learn to ride, so I am scared”, this from a scared Chica.

“Nonsense” countered mama, “Yes, you will fall down a couple of times while learning to ride a bike, but that is part and parcel of the learning process. If you have the will to learn, you will learn”.

So Chica decided to start learning to ride a bike. The next day, she went down when she saw the girls riding their bikes and asked them to help her learn. The girls were happy to teach her and with so many teachers around her, Chica quickly learnt to ride. Of course, she did fall a few times, but remembered what her mama told her and didn’t bother too much about that.

A week after Chica had learnt to ride a bike, there was a surprise waiting for her – a pink, shiny new bicycle just for her. Chica was overjoyed and soon was happily playing on the bike with all her new friends!


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