In My Hands Today…

I’ve been very lax in doing this recently. The only reason is that the last lot of books I had borrowed were not worth posting about. In fact, I think I left most of the books half read. Hopefully the current lot is better. Also I’m reading a lot of books on my iphone using the Overdrive app. I love love this app and since I can borrow another 6 e-books at any point in time without leaving home, this is my new BFF! I’ve decided to download 24 books (that’s six for each one of the four of us) before we go on our trip to India next month. Hopefully I’ll have my iPad by then and with enough books for all of us, boredom should not be an issue during the flight…Going on to this week’s reading selection.

The Writing on My Forehead – Nafisa Haji

I close my eyes and imagine the touch of my mother’s hand on my forehead, smoothing away the residue of childhood nightmares…

Free-spirited and rebellious, Saira has grown up in California with her beautiful, obedient sister Ameena. From childhood, she has broken the boundaries between her desire for independence and her family’s traditions – in particular, her Bombay-bred mother’s idea of how girls should behave. Now hungry for experience and curious about the world, Saira travels to Karachi for a wedding, and stumbles upon family secrets that will shape the rest of her life.

It’s the begining of a journey of understanding and reconciliation that goes back three generations. As her background gradually reveals itself, Saira finds that the battles she faces – over love, belonging and fulfilment – have faced many others before her, and comes to realise that her many-layered inheritance is a thing to be treasured.


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