Maiden Perfomance Jitters

Today BB & GG are home from school. The school has admin day (I have no idea what that means – maybe they are collating all the reports for the parent-teacher meeting sometime soon). Then next week they have four days of school (maybe less because of the parent-teacher meeting) and then six weeks of holidays, the highlights of which is GG’s upcoming ballet performance and our trip to India the next day! We’ve so looking forward to both things.

GG modelling her ballet performance costume

GG got her performance costume, which is a gold lame leotard with a yellow/white stiff (tulle?) tutu attached to it. She modelled it for us on Sunday and she does look cute in it. This Sunday, she’s supposed to take it to class along with a face made up lightly so that they can have a class picture of all the little ballerinas! When I tried on make-up on GG, she hated it and I was so happy! Hope this keeps up and she doesn’t touch it till she’s 15 atleast! Will this continue or no???

On a completely unrelated note, I need to back up the photos on my iPhone (after deleting the loads that GG & BB take of their games) as I just realised I have 679 photos there!!

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