About how Chiki rode the elevator by himself

This story is about the time when Chiki was a little boy. He is 8 years old now, so what happened in this story would not happen now!

When Chiki was a little boy, he used to go with his mama and sister to the library pretty much every week as mama was very particular that both Chica and Chiki learn to love reading. They would visit the library closest to their home and so Chiki thought he knew the drill very well.

One day, when Chiki was about 3 years old, they went to the library as usual, this time dad was also with them. Chiki as usual didn’t want to hold mama or dad’s hand while walking since he was sure he was a big boy and knew what was going to happen. Only this time, instead of going straight to the elevator as usual, mama decided to do some window-shopping before they went to the library. So instead of going straight to the elevator, mama and dad turned right to get to the shops.

But since Chiki was walking alone, he didn’t realise this and walked straight into the elevator. As soon as he entered the elevator, the doors shut and it started moving. It was at this point, Chiki realised that he was in fact all alone!

“Mama, mama, where are you?” Chiki cried and wanted to get off and go look for his mama, but since he was short, he couldn’t reach the buttons. However, a kindly man saw that Chiki was alone in the elevator and asked him “Boy, are you lost”. Chiki stopped crying for a moment, thought it over and nodded. The kindly man didn’t know where Chiki’s parents were, so thought of taking him to the information counter so that they could page for them.

In the meantime, mama had discovered that Chiki was lost! She was frantic and started looking for her baby everywhere. But they could not find Chiki at all. Mama was almost in tears and decided to go to the information counter to see if they could help them.

Once there, while they were explaining to the lady at the counter, what did they see? They saw Chiki being led to the counter by a kind man.

“Mama” cried Chiki when he saw his mama. “Chiki” cried mama when she saw Chiki and hugged him tight, never wanting to let go of him. “You naughty boy! You wandered all by yourself” she scolded Chiki.

“Thank you very much” mama thanked the kind man who brought Chiki back. “If it wasn’t for you, I would have lost my son” she sobbed.

That night, while tucking Chica and Chiki back to bed, mama said an extra special prayer for the kind man who brought her son back to her.


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