Holiday Packing

So we’re down to the one-week countdown for our trip. Our helper V left last night and it’s just going to be the four of us till we leave next Monday. Since I do not have any more leave from work, I’ll be going in to work the rest of the week with S staying at home to be with BB & GG. Luckily, I have some time off due to me, so I’ll be coming home earlier (at lunch time) on Thursday and Friday. The children are spending their time today at their grandparents place, so that’s taken care off. GG & BB are super excited that from noon on Friday I’ll be with them 24/7 till the morning of the 3rd, when we have to go back to school/work.

Most of the shopping (aka lists that need to be purchased) have been done. S pulled down the luggage yesterday so our guest room now resembles a hotel – suitcases, both belonging to V and us, plastic bags full of stuff waiting to be packed and other assorted stuff that needs to either go into a closet or out of the house.

My packing style is making lists. I love making lists and so will usually make a couple of lists for each trip that we make. This year I found an iPhone app uPackingListFree that will do that for me.

What I usually do is pack my clothes and other things which I will not be using from that point on till the destination. I usually overpack and over the days between the time I start packing till we leave, I will keep refining my items till such time I am satisfied that I’ve got exactly what we need.

Now that we’re at the one-week mark, I think I will start the packing process from Wednesday. I’ll keep you updated…

P.S: WordPress just informed me that this is my 150th post! So woohoo to me!!


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