Playing Tourists…

We played tourists yesterday when the loong Chinese New Year break was on.

BB & GG wanted to go out somewhere and somehow every suggestion was shot down by  one of us. Finally we decided on the museums (although BB was not very sure about this). We decided to take advantage of the free entrance that the Singapore museums were offering the public in the view of the Chinese New Year holidays. So off we went to the Asian Civilisations Museum at Empress Place. We had a bit of problem finding the place, but the journey was totally worth it!

We caught two very interesting exhibits there, both very different and oh so fantastic – The Tang Shipwreck: Gold and Ceramics from 9th-century China and the Patterns of Trade: Indian Textiles For Export, 1400–1900.

Here are some pictures of the exhibitions plus some more from the other gallerys…Enjoy and drool…..

Tang Shipwreck Pictures

Patterns of Trade 

Photos from Other Gallaries

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