School Holidays

It’s been a week since BB & GG’s mid-year school holidays have started. However, vaccations are not a whole lot different than regular school days for them. Since they didn’t do well (read very badly) in Hindi, I sit with them daily for an hour daily. This is in addition to my mother-in-law and her sister doing school subjects like maths and science with them. S usually drives them to their home which is a 10 minute drive in the morning when he leaves for work. Then once I am done with my chores in the morning, I walk down to pick them up. We’re planning a short trip later in June to a neighbouring country, that’s their only ‘holiday’!

Thinking of school holidays brings to mind the days we used to spend during our school holidays. Then, holidays literally meant that – freedom from school, from studies and the regular routines. The entire duration would be only for mauj and masti (enjoyment and fun).  We would play the whole day, with morning devoted to badminton and the hot afternoons to playing indoors or just gossiping, coming home just to eat and sometimes not even for that, preferring to eat at whichever friend’s home we were at that point. Then only after the evening games were done, would we really go home.

But children these days have so much expectations riding on them that holidays is really a myth. I see almost all the schools near my home having some activity or the other for the children, most of the activities seem to be in the morning, for around 4 hours.

Guess, I should not complain too much, cést la vie after all!



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