In My Hands Today…

The World of Suzie Wong – Richard Mason

The World of Suzie Wong - Richard MasonRobert was looking for a place where he could live and paint. He rented  room at the Nam Kok Hotel, only to discover he was the only guest not renting his room by the hour. Then he met Suzie at the bar. He’d never known anyone quite like her, and he was completely captivated. To Suzie, her love for Robert was something entirely new and different, wiping out her past and making her forget that she had ever been a “dirty yum-yum girl.” But even in Hong Kong, where many white expatriates had Chinese mistresses, their romance caused a stir.

This beautifully written time capsule of a novel will resonate with readers today just as it did when it was first published in 1957. It quickly became an international best seller, inspiring a Broadway play, a hit film, and even a ballet.


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