2015 Week 1: Weekly Update

I thought of putting down what happened this week here so I have a kind of running update on my life!

This week was a mixed bag one – on one hand work has been good, but health is not so good.

Work: A good week, where my views for our forthcoming event was considered. So far 2015 has started well and my fingers are crossed that this continues for the rest of the year. A project I have been working for almost a year is seeing completion and I hope this will auger well for me.

Health: I had a good number of health goals for the year and this week was not a very good one, need to step up to the plate on this! I exercised 5 days this week while my goal was six days, so need to figure how I can incorporate this over the weekends. I also lost a bit of weight, though not the 1 kg I was hoping for. I missed taking my diabetes medication one time, should not do this again. Also food choices were not the best, so need to work on that too. I also started meditating this week, and could do that twice this week, which is a plus for me.

Writing: Not bad, managed to post almost every day, especially in my other blog. I need to work more on posting here!

All in all, a not-too-bad start to 2015. If my life continues in this vein, life’s gonna look good by the end of the year.


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