PSLE Year Week 1 Update

Another update that I wanted to do as a seperate post was on BB & GG’s final year in Primary School. They will give their PSLE exam this year in October and this weekly update should serve as a diary of sorts for me, to use as a guide of how they are doing in school this year and what we as parents can do to make the transition to secondary school easier.

Week 1 in school was a suspended timetable week with no co-curricular activities (CCA) or supplementary and enrichment classes scheduled. This will all start from today when out of five days a week, they come home straight back from school at 2 pm only on Fridays. When you add tuition to the mix, what you will get will be two very tired children at the end of the day. This is how their schedule will loosely look from today:

  • Monday: School ends at 1:30, Supplementary classes from 2-4 pm, back home at 4:30 and off to Hindi tuitions at 5. Back home around 6-6:30, time for some homework, dinner and then sleep.
  • Tuesday: School ends at 3:30, with online Hindi classes from 6-8 pm. Dinner in the middle, then homework and sleep.
  • Wednesday: School ends at 1:30, Supplementary classes from 2-4 pm, back home at 4:30 and Maths Tuitions from 6-8. Dinner before tuition and then time for some homework before bed!
  • Thursday: School ends at 1:30, Enrichment classes and CCA from 2:30 – 5:30 pm. No tuitions on Thursdays as they will be exhausted!
  • Fridays: The one day in the week they come back at 2 pm. Only have Hindi tuition at 4 pm. So will have time to do a bit of studies.
  • Saturday: Hindi school from 8:30 to 12:30, then music lessons from 5-6.
  • Sunday: No rest on Sundays too with one tuition from 8-10 am and another from 10-11 and 12-1! The evening is free…

The school pace has started to become faster than they are used to with teachers putting their noses to the grindstone and also reminding them of their PSLE exams.

I will be meeting BB’s Maths and Science teacher this week during their curriculum talk to discuss how we can help him for his Direct School Admission. I will also be speaking to one of GG’s teachers for her DSA! More updates on that later.

GG’s class also filled up a form where they had a list of some of the schools in our area plus other good schools and the scores needed to enter the school. They were asked to put 6 schools they want to go to and also their final score they need to get in! Hopefully this will motivate them to do their best! (Fingers crossed)


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