2015 Week 2: Weekly Update

I had meant to do this post yesterday, but somehow weekends just seem to fly by without anything productive actually happening! I really need to work on this…

This is the last week before my parents return back home on Saturday and I am really not feeling good about that – I wonder when I will be able to meet them next, hopefully the year-end holidays?

The past week was bad in terms of food choices and I’ve added more than a kilo to my weight! Gasp!! No can do, need to work real hard this week and not only lose that gained extra kilo, but any additional one too….

Other than that, life is as we say here – sama-sama (same-same) and nothing really happened.

At work, I seem to have lost my mojo, need to dig deep inside and look for it and wake it up! Otherwise this year will be hard for me…

Have been blogging more than my promised three times a week, so feeling good about that.

My Week 1 update is here for anyone interested in reading it!


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