Esotericism: Mystical or Mundane?

Moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon;

How much it can fill your room depends on its windows”


I’ve always been fascinated by the esoteric, especially the esoteric sciences, be it astrology, palmistry, alternative healing therapies like Reiki or the world of mediums, mystics and spirituality. It’s quite strange actually, since I am also the sort of person who needs to see evidence in front of her to actually believe in all this. But that’s me, eclectic and eccentric, I guess!

What are Esoteric Sciences? According to Wikipedia,  there are different definitions of this term, but what I would go with is “It is the sum total of the different parts of this universe – both visible and invisible, earthly and divine” Esotericism is the metaphysical point of unity where exoteric religions are believed to converge.

Whatever the definition, I am fascinated and intrigued by them. In my younger days, when I had more time, I would go for courses which delved into the unknown – courses like Reiki, Sudarshan Kriya and a Zoroastrian one which I can’t remember the name of. I also dabbled in Palmistry and have had some successes there, though I would say more intuition rather than skill was employed. Tarot is something else I have tried to do, using playing cards though, but can’t say I was very successful. Another thing my friends and me have played at is Planchet, but did we really invite the other-world beings is anyone’s guess!

Now, that I don’t have the time to dabble in anything and refuse to read palms of my loved ones, my fascination for this subject is restricted to what I read – both online and offline.

I also believe in astrology and will probably do more posts on that, Palmistry and perhaps Reiki over the next few weeks. I’ll update this post to add links to those posts when I do that.


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