PSLE Year Week 4/Month 1 Updates

And we’re in February! Where did January go and that too so quickly! Now the countdown to the PSLE exams is just eight months! Yiikes!!!

BB & GG will their first Continous Assessment (CA1) in week 6, which is next week. They have English on the 9th, Maths on the 10th, Mother Tongue on the 12th (which BB & GG will sit out as their school does not offer their choice) and Science on the 13th.

This test will be followed by a Parent-Teacher meeting just before they close the term. We have to go on two different days as both BB & GG’s classes have PTM on different days. This means taking time off work twice. Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

This test is important for all of us as it will show where our children are and what course corrections we can do so that they shine at the PSLE exams…


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