2015 Week 4: Weekly Update

Hello there February, why did you come in so early….You could have taken your time…But seriously, is it just me or does anyone else feel that January just went galloping by!

A mixed week in terms of food choices – I made some good and some not-so-good choices while eating. So weight has also been stagnant, no increase, but no reduction either!

Work, like I mentioned last week, the thing that HR sounded me about, came true and the only small consolation is that it has been made clear that it’s an interim solution. So I decided that “If life gives you lemons, let’s make lemonade!” I decided that if I am to work with this person, then I will learn something new from him/her and also showcase what I know about this person’s area of expertise before it ends. So let’s see how this all pans out…

Other than that, life goes on…I really feel I have a really boring life – no excitement, no fun…But then this year is all about GG & BB, once their life post-primary school has been settled to the best of our ability, I’ll feel so much more relieved!

Okie, here’s a funny work video to brighten up your Monday!


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