PSLE Year Week 5 Updates

Another week has gone by. This week has been marked by sickness in the house. BB started it last week, followed by S and then GG who had it the worst of the three.

BB bounced back with a one-day course of Panadol, but when GG started coughing last Sunday, I gave her some Panadol and cough syrups that night and though she seemed a bit warm on Monday morning, she felt ok enough to go to school.

Back from school she was miserable. Coughing, a bad throat and even difficulty in breathing. Took her to the doctor who gave her two days of medical leave. But she insisted on only staying at home for a day. She didn’t want to miss school as its the PSLE year. My gut feeling is that yes she caught it from GG and S, but it’s also stress-related from the big exams she will be facing in October.

Not even 12 and stress like this! How i hate this system for making our children go through this at this age!! But we don’t really have a choice, but to make the best of the situation and equip the children to be resilient and to be able to face everything they encounter…I’m sure now I sound like one of the official government adverts 😉


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