2015 Week 5: Weekly Update

Saw this image on Facebook and this kind of encapsulates what I feel right now!

This week was a bad one in terms of my medication – I think I missed one dose as many as three times during the week. I really don’t know how that happened, as usually I am quite diligent about making sure I take my medicine dose on time. Is this my body’s way of telling me that I don’t need so many doses in a day? Well we’ll know the next time I go to the doctor and she takes my blood to be tested.

Work-wise has been a very busy week, but I have kind of internalized my  future plans in this company. I will wait till the second week of March to start my prep work to ensure that by the time we reach the end of the PSLE madness and the new year, I will be in a much better position career-wise, I am determined to do that for myself this year….


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