Why are Mondays so Difficult?

Monday morning to me is a classic paradox! One on hand, I wake up, bright-eyed and eager to get started on the week. Then get to work and start on my To Do List and then bam! somewhere along the line, things slowly start to slow down and by 10 -10:30 am, my engine comes to a stop!

It’s a downhill all the way then. I keep on procrastinating, fighting sleep and doing everything else, except the most important task for the day, all the while waiting for the clock to hit the going home time!

One reason could be this – I sleep around 6-7 hours per night, which should be reasonable for a working adult, but is clearly not enough for me. To be at my optimal best, I need close to 8 hours of sleep, of which atleast 5-6 should be deep or REM sleep. But I average around half of that per night. So when Friday evening rolls, I have a huge sleep deficit which I try to even out by sleeping in over the weekend and also taking afternoon naps. The result of all this oversleeping is that I have a troubled sleep on Sunday nights, which makes Monday mornings a real b**ch

What can I do about this? Any suggestions to make my Mondays better?


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