PSLE Year Week 6 Updates

Exam time this week for BB & GG! They had their English and Maths Continuous Assessment (CA1) this week, followed by Science tomorrow. After this, is the Parent-Teacher meeting before the school ends Term 1.

Stress is slowly becoming a way of life for us, though I can see it is affecting GG more than BB. BB is more ‘happy go lucky’, but I think I stress for him. He is banking on getting into his first choice school, where the PSLE results are not very important.  I keep telling him to have Plan B, but am not sure if this has entered his brains…I can only hope and pray that he does make it to his first choice school.

Yesterday at the library, GG asked me if she could have a trip to a country she is currently obsessed with – Japan – if she does well in her exams and makes it to one of her schools of choice. BB also chimed in with a trip to either Europe or the US if he makes it. I’ve said YES….praying hard it comes true…


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