PSLE Week 7 Updates

Week 7 has been a very short week for BB & GG because of the Chinese New Year holidays. They went to school only 2.5 days, of which the last day was extremely short. The first day of the week was the Science exam, so essentially only Tuesday when they did any work in school.

The children have started reviewing their  CA1 papers in school, but I suspect the teachers want them to have a good CNY break as they don’t seem to really know their marks. BB came home on Wednesday in tears – I was working from home and initially thought he was being bullied in school, like what happened a few years back, but I was wrong. BB knew that he would not score the marks he was supposed to score in Maths, one of his strongest subjects, and he was scared I will scold him!

We’ll know next week, when the teachers go through the papers with the class and also when we meet the teachers the week after next! Right now, they are enjoying the only good break they will probably have all year!!

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