PSLE Week 8 Updates

The CA 1 results came in this week and BB did fairly well, he could have done better, but we’ll work on that for the SA1 and the Prelims. GG didn’t do well in Maths, her nemesis subject, but other than that, she did ok in her other subjects. She still needs to up the ante though….

We also went to a Open Symposium at the School of the Arts (SOTA) as GG was interested in the school and try through DSA. It was quite a full house, but I felt that the process could have been handled better. Firstly it was not an open house – we were armed with questions and we didn’t get a chance to ask any. The open house is on the 11th of April, where you could see the school. This was billed as an hour’s programme and basically had the school principal and vice principal selling the school. While I understand the need to sell the school, but the fact is that unless you were a parent or child interested in the school, you would not be there at 7 pm on a Friday evening. Parents and children came there to see if the school is a right fit for them. Then once the hour’s worth of talk was over, we were moved to another place, by specialty (we were there for music) and taken to an auditorium, where someone from the faculty of music started talking. He was American (I think) and even though we were sitting halfway down the auditorium, what he spoke was very indistinct. He basically reiterated that was said above and not much in terms of new information. Then there was supposed to be a concert – by alumni and students! We didn’t wait for the concert and left at this point. GG is now having second and third thoughts about the school – one being the fact that school starts at 7:45 am, which means she needs to leave home by 6:30 am to get to school on time, notwithstanding any accidents or delays on the road….


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