2015 Week 8: Weekly Update

IMG_3415A very, very busy week for me as we were all busy working on a annual conference which starts on Tuesday. I have loads of vents on how stuff has been changed at the very last minute, but I am not going to do that – nothing will come in the way of my new zen attitude!

What I am planning to do is meet my ex-boss later today (he is here this week for the conference, albeit as a delegate this time) and probably speak a bit freely about my future in the organization – he did tell me before he left to consider him as a mentor! This will allow me to crystallize my thoughts on what I should do moving forward…

Found this great website on Facebook – Chisel. You can use the photos there or upload our own photos and create great quotes. This one is the result of something I just did. Have you used this before?

Positive Thought 1

Diet and exercise was as usual off and will be this week too…Food in conferences in Asia are so much tasitier, plus some dinners….Need to get on track very soon….


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