PSLE Week 9 Updates

A very boring week from my perspective. I was away from home the whole week for a related conference (more about that tomorrow), and so most days by the time I came home, GG & BB were asleep!

GG even wrote me a note on the things she wanted to tell me, but couldn’t! So sweet right!

We are having Parent-Teacher Meetings in school on Monday and Wednesday and I am sure the teachers and me will/should have a lot to talk about…

On another note, BB & GG have their NAPFA (National Physical Fitness Award) test on Monday and Wednesday and they are a bit scared about it. This test is to assess the overall fitness of students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions with the test modified to suit age and gender. Of the six stations, they are worried about 1-2 that they are not sure of passing. They say they will be made to take it again and again till they pass it. More about this next week…


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