2015 Week 9: Weekly Update

A super, super busy week for me…We had a work-related conference in the week, which unusually was 2 back-to-back events and was over the whole week. This was in a five star hotel in the city and so it was going back and forth for me the whole week.

I did manage to speak to my ex-boss and he has reassured me that according to him, I do have a good future in this organisation and that I should not make any rash decisions before speaking to my new boss who will come on-board within the next two months. So I’ve decided to heed his advice. I will keep quiet and see how things pan out. If things do not work out, then there’s always the outside world!

During the conference, I was sort of vindicated – things that were done without mine and another colleague’s knowledge and know-how didn’t go well, what they thought was new thought process didn’t go down with the participants, whom we knew better than them. Anyway I am not going to dwell on negativity!

Health-wise, my sugar level has gone up – result of all wrong eating this week I think. So I really need to look out for these signals and eat well this month before my next blood test. At that point, my doctor will decide whether we continue my current medication, or do something else….


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