PSLE Week 10 Updates

Last week both BB & GG had their Parent Teacher Meeting. This time, we had to go to school twice as each had them on different days – because teachers do double duty and we could meet every subject teacher unlike previous times, where we only met the Form Teacher and maybe another teacher who was free. 

We met GG’s teachers first. Her English teacher was actually quite impressed with her grasp of the language. She has been using words in her compositions which are a level or two above her. Her biggest problem however is spelling. That coupled with adding words when she copies sentences and not copying correctly resulted in her losing about 10-12 marks in the test.  For maths and science, she is ok, but not the top in the class. Her maths teacher told me she lacks confidence and needs to practice more. That is the key according to him. He also thought she may be a late bloomer. Her science teacher is quite happy with her and her progress. For science GG needs to work a bit more on her foundations and perfect that so that her process skills become good. 

BB’s teachers from Primary 1 have a common complaint – his handwriting! Now it’s even more critical he writes legible so his paper correctors understand what he is trying to say. For English, his teacher was happy overall, but for the fact that for situational writing, he goes out of point. This is something we will work with him before his exams. Maths and science, he has the same teacher and she does not really have anything to say, except to practice more. He’s a high A, low A*, so now the challenge is to make him a high A* in English, Maths and Science, which should to an extent help with his dismal scores in Hindi

Oh, the NAPFA test I mentioned last week – GG passed and got a silver in her timings overall. BB didn’t pass his standing broad-jump, so not sure if he needs to redo just that or the whole thing. 


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