2015 Week 11 Updates

A very uneventful week for us. The children has their school holidays about which I mentioned yesterday. 

Work has been pretty much in a suspended state for me now. My new boss comes in in the end of April and that’s when I plan to speak to him about my future here. But, I did start one thing though – I contacted a resume writing company and have started working with them to get my resume properly done. Even if I stay on here, I am sure they will want to see a copy of my resume. So it better to have a nice, polished copy 😊

Woke up today to learn that another of Singapore’s founding fathers (random thought – why are there hardly any founding mothers?) and Singapore’s first Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Kwan Yew passed away early this morning. He had been in hospital for more than a month now and in the last week had been deteriorating almost daily. 

 RIP Mr. Lee. 

You were perhaps the single person who was the architect of Singapore’s sucess and in my opinion the person responsible for making Singapore what it is today – a first world country! You will be sorely missed, especially since Singapore celebrates its 50th year of Independence this year.#RIPLKY

We actually share something with LKY – BB & GG were born on his 80th birthday and I remember the nurses in the hospital asking me if I had planned this! I always tell BB & GG that even if they achieve in their lives, a tenth of what Mr. Lee did, they would still have done so much and be so much successful…


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