Writer’s Block

Some days writing is sheer bliss – words just flow from the keyboard and the final output is something I don’t really have to tinker much with.

Some days, it is the reverse – try as I may, the right words do not come by and I struggle to write even a single coherent sentence….This is after I have a bunch of ideas to be used as posts ☺️


So what does a writer do in this case – why write up a post on Writer’s Block of course!

Some people who have researched this phenomena say that there is no such thing as Writer’s Block – you just need to write, even if it is drivel and from that something good will come up, something you can publish without feeling mortified!

One thing to do to overcome Writer’s Block is to carry a small notebook with you at all times to jot down when the spark of an idea comes by.


I do something like that, only electronically. Since most of us have smart phones, I have Google Docs in my phone which is also synced to my desktop. I have a file there where I type out blog ideas, start blog posts etc and when inspiration strikes, irrespective of where I am, I whip out my phone, power the app and note it down. As simple as that!

Experts also say clearing your mind of cobwebs and doing something physical also gets those creative juices flowing. I don’t know about doing something physical, but my creativity is best when I am about to fall asleep or in the shower – two places where I am unable to type it immediately.


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