2015 Week 13 Update

I realise one thing – most of my weekly updates are mostly about work. I do have a life beyond that, you know, in case anyone is interested.

I am, as a person, who overthinks things and then stresses over it A LOT! I keep thinking of situations that could occur and then think of ways in which I will work through them, all in my head…

This week was a short one, with the week zipping by, with the exception of Thursday, which I think was because of the anticipation of the long weekend!

My helper has decided to unfurl her wings and on Saturday afternoon, went with some friends to a temple of her faith in JB (Malaysia). She stayed over at her friend’s place since they came back quite late and then went from there for her Sunday off.

Naah, it’s not this bad. I actually like most of the stuff I do, even love it. But there are other things I dislike, perhaps even close to hate! My Monday morning face is nowhere like this guys!

Have a great week


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