2015 Week 15 Update

Another ho-hum week….

I started on my new job search this week, applying to jobs I may be interested in. I do not want to take very concrete steps as I love what I am doing here, but it’s the impermanence that I don’t like. My colleague E mentioned that there is going to be some openings in my department soon and that I should apply for it, as it is basically what I am doing, ramped up a bit. I will do that (Thanks E) and if I don’t get it, then it’s bye-bye company….

Oh, we’ve had a new colleague J who joined from a nearby country in Feb and he is so insecure! Technically he is the highest ranked among the three of us, but the lowest in terms of experience (he has this rank because that was his rank in his home country and they can’t downgrade him when he moved here). So he behaves like the king of the hill – wants all plum assignments and brown-nosing people. He is lucky that he has his fellow country-men around and in senior positions, which helps I guess.

I have to pen this incident down – last week, with all the problems my laptop was giving me, IT finally decided to give me a new one as it was long overdue. They gave me a temp laptop to tide me over till the new one was ready. Now this temp laptop had a privacy screen filter and immediately J wanted to know where I got it from and how he can get one. When E and I told him, these are not really useful he said “But I can’t see your screen from here”. For reference sake, E sits at my back (we both sit facing away from each other) and J sits on my side on the other side of the cube.

Now this makes me wonder – what else does he see on my screen and is he keeping tabs on me? Need to check this out soon….

Also our new boss is finally coming in next week – this was another reason I didn’t want to leave immediately – as I wanted to see if him being here will make any difference. My ex-boss will also be here the week after next to handover, so it will be good to see him too…

Ok, end of my verbal diarrhea….Have a great week folks!


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