2015 Week 16 Update

One of the better weeks in recent times! Like I said last week, my new boss finally came in last Tuesday and he seems to be a nice guy – similar in temperament to my previous boss with whom I got along well.

We had a staff meeting this week and things I am working on seem to be taken up well. So far (touch wood) things are going well and hopefully this will lead to better opportunities within this organization. This is the biggest reason I am not taking very concrete steps to leave – I really like what I am doing here, if only people’s perceptions of what I do change – and this will happen when I get a formal title to what I am doing – then I can see myself having a fruitful career here. Ah well, let’s see how things pan out in the next six months or so and I will make a decision. PSLE will also be over by then, allowing me to take decisions I would otherwise not take.

We attended S’s cousin’s daughter’s first birthday yesterday and boy was it different! A mash-up between a corporate D&D (dinner & dance) and a wedding reception! All this in an HDB void deckThe loud music which made talking and thinking impossible, the MC who behaved as if he was in a D&D, the hosts who were most un-host-like and I could go on and on…They even had the baby change clothes three times in the hour she was around just like in a wedding!

Anyway, this was something we had to do as noone is S’s family was there. I would have loved to spend some time with the baby, but could not as the mom was busy with her relatives and so did not come near our table at all!!!

I can go on and on about this, but don’t want to inflict you with negativity….

Have a great Monday folks!


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