2015 Week 18 Update

Another humdrum week!

But the next one could be a one with excitement…While typing this post, I was also checking my work email and saw the position that E had mentioned some time back being posted. Only thing I was told it was a manager position, but now has been posted as a senior manager position. I checked the job scope and I am currently doing around 70% of it already. I have already written to the recruiter to say I am interested, and what the next steps are. I am also going to speak to my new boss about this. This is the make-or-break decision. If all goes well, I will be here in this company, doing something I enjoy doing and getting well paid for it with a position I am proud to call my own. If I am not considered for this position, then I am going to start my new job search aggressively. Either way, I have decided this will be my breakout year!

Actually I am very nervous now…..Please pray for me and hope things go the way I want them to go….

Happy Monday people! May this week be great for you….


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