PSLE Week 21 Update

It’s the first day of the June holidays for BB & GG, but out of the four off weeks they get, they have to go back to school for two of them for extra lessons. Also, this is the one solid month they get to prep for their PSLE exams as the prelims will come soon after school starts at the end of the month.

Yesterday BB, me and another friend with his parents went to the open house for the boys Dream School. I think BB has been living and dreaming of going to this school in Jan 2016 since the start of the year and he loved the school yesterday. He had some hands on science sessions and I could really see him enjoy that. I always felt this school would be a good fit for BB. Now I need to put in his application and get him to take the tests needed!

To start the school holidays and give the kids a small break, we’ve decided to see a movie today evening. My first choice – a Hindi Bollywood film – is completely full, so we’ll go to a neighbourhood theatre to see a film of GG’s choice. BB is ambivalent – he does not care either way….


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