2015 Week 22 Update

After my rant on Friday, I felt much better, but only for a while.

The whole weekend was taken up by the news of the children trapped in the earthquake in Kota Kinabalu. These are Primary 6 children, the same age as BB & GG, who were there for an Overseas Learning Journey with classmates and teachers.

When news started filtering down that almost 10 students and teachers did not make it, it really broke my heart! I think this incident has hit me hardest as the children are the same age as GG & BB and my heart goes out to all the parents there who have to live with seeing their children go before them. As I type this, my eyes are overflowing and I am typing without really seeing the words on the screen. I wonder when they see their children’s books and clothes how they will feel – will they curse themselves for signing the consent form? Also who knew there would be an earthquake in Malaysia – the place thousands of school children from Singapore – both primary and secondary go for learning journeys every year. BB & GG went to a neighboring state – Sarawak – last year for a learning journey, though it was not as intense as climbing a mountain and I guess this is also why it’s hit me so hard!

I also read that the day before the earthquake, some tourists were found naked and being disrespectful in the mountain, which is considered sacred by the native people. They say this is the mountain’s way of showing her displeasure. I now wonder, will these tourists feel a sense of shame and self-guilt as to the being the cause of the quake which killed so many children?

To all those children who were stuck down before they even had a chance to live their lives, may your souls rest in peace!

It’s a very somber post today and this is all I wish to write. Maybe more later…Have a great week everyone…


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