PSLE Week 24 Update

The last weekend before the start of school for GG & BB, well technically school officially starts on the 29th, but in their school, the P6s have to come back from tomorrow from 8 to 12:30, so it’s almost a full school day for them!

BB gave his entrance exam for his dream school yesterday. It consisted of 2 papers – a verbal reasoning one for 45 minutes with 96 questions and a logical reasoning one with 30 questions to be completed in 30 minutes. BB found the verbal reasoning paper a whole lot easier than the logical one which he said he just finished as the bell went!

The institute taking the exams will send the results directly to the school (we don’t get to see the results at all) and if the school feels BB fits in the criteria they have based on the test results and his school marks, they will invite him for a half day camp in the school where he will interact with teachers and students. After that if found suitable, he will get an offer letter! All fingers crossed from all of us that BB makes it to the next round!

Otherwise a mundane week here, with loads of studying done (I hope)!

I am getting more nervous as the PSLE dates come closer…..


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