2015 Week 25 Update

A very boring week, of which the only good thing I can say about it was it finally got over! Have you had times when time seems to be frozen and it moves like slush? Well that was exactly my week. For some reason, I didn’t have much to do and when I am bored, time moves slowly!

I’ve decided to start a personal 21 Day Challenge. My challenge is not to eat between meals. So far, this week has been good, I am quite proud of myself over the weekend also…Why 21 Days? That’s because it’s said you need 21 days to change anything or to make it a habit. So this is one of the first steps to a more healthier me I suppose. I am on Day 5 today, so still got another 2 weeks plus to get through. I’ll do a proper post once I am done. But I am putting it here so that I become liable to myself (trying to trick my brain I guess)

When I finish this, I am going to start a new one. You can also challenge yourself to change one habit of yours by doing your version of the 21 Day Challenge. I’d love to hear your updates in the comments..


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