2015 Week 27 Update

Not a very happy week for me, this one!

I’ve had two ‘conversations’ with my boss and the first one last Monday was so, so depressing that I was in tears during and after it. I kept brooding over it the rest of the week and we had a follow up conversation on Thursday which was more of a mid year conversation. I don’t want to explain the whole thing in detail (which if I do, will take up more of your time than I care for you to lose :-)).

To summarise both the conversations is that I can’t escape the admin part of my current role anytime soon. With the team expanding, it only means more of this for me. Also, I don’t see any promotion in the cards, at least in the near future (within the next year). So now I really need to figure what I want – do I stay here and hope for the promotion in say a year’s time which may or may not materialise? Or should I move on?

I’ve been stewing on this, and at this point what I think I will do is wait it out. I will apply for new positions and see where that takes me. If I get a great opportunity, then maybe I will take it up or at the very least give this organisation to match that offer. If it does not pan out, then I’ll leave…

Well, that’s my life this last week. This week is a short one with Friday being a public holiday for Hari Raya Haji or Ramzan Id as I’ve always known it. For Muslims all over the world, it’s a time of feasting after a month of rigorous fasting!


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