PSLE Week 28 Update

We are closing the PSLE Gap! Just about a month to the Orals and slightly more than 2 months to the final written exams!! Btw, BB thinks this is plenty of time. Earlier in the week when we were calculating the time left, he said “There’s more than 75 days to the exams, so much time”! Me and GG just looked at him with mouths agape!

We also got two sad pieces of news this week. Both the schools where BB gave the entrance exams for his DSA rejected him. One of the schools was BB’s dream school and this has hit him quite hard. I am also very disappointed 😢 with the outcome. This weekend is turning out to be a very disappointing one. But, now we need to look ahead to doing well in the exams now. 

We also got the full time table for the rest of the year from the school, it’s chock-packed till the end of the PSLE exams. I really need a holiday after all this. I am so looking forward to it, need to book the tickets soon as well as plan my India trip after the results are out…


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