2015 Week 28 Update

The last week was a short one because of the public holiday for the end of the fasting month!

But the weekend was far from the idyllic one that I envisioned. We didn’t get the magical email which would push BB to the next round at his dream school, which put a damper into everyone’s lives. I was shattered – for some reason I had already envisioned him in the school and now to realise that he’s not going to make it, somehow put me into a complete funk. I was depressed the whole day and at night, went to BB’s room to talk to him and completely lost it! I started crying – something I am not proud of – but if this makes any difference to BB’s mindset for the exams, I’ll take what I can get.

We go into the Prelims orals this week with both languages happening one after the other.

So here’s a nice quote to brighten up your day and another one for the week ahead! Ok, Monday, lets roll!!


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