PSLE Week 30 Update

This week was the usual one, except that GG went for her DSA Auditions at the only school she applied for. BB was quite jealous since he didn’t make it to his schools, but she did!

The school is a girls school and one of Singapore’s oldest. We both loved the school when we went there and GG is determined to get there – either by DSA or by her PSLE score! She applied for DSA through Choir and there were around 10 odd girls with her for the auditions. They had been asked to prepare two contrasting pieces which showcases her voice for the audtion, but they were not asked to sing them! What they had to do instead was sing some scales and then the school choral conductor asked them some questions. That was it! We’ll know the outcome sometime by the end of the month. In the meantime, we wait and watch and it’s back to studying for us….

Yesterday was the Hindi Prelims exams and for the very first time I saw BB asking me to wake him up early so that he can study, maybe there is still some hope for him. They woke up about 90 mins early to study. I just hope they’ve done well enough to get a B for GG and a C for BB (not much expectations you see)…

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