2015 Week 30 Update

We are in August now, where did the months go! Less than half the year to end 2015 and two months more to the PSLE!

FullSizeRender (2)

The Crowds cheering the mobile columns

The usual week which was enlivened by the NDP preview we went to on Saturday! This was our first NDP and the atmosphere was terrific. We got tickets for the Floating platform, and not at the Padang where all the action was, but the fireworks here was simply amazing!

If this was the case one week before the celebrations, I am sure the energy and atmosphere next week will be electric!! And the fireworks, they were amazing! I heard that what was shown at the preview was only a part of what will be shown next week, so if you are in Singapore next Sunday, do watch the NDP show. I’m planning another post on the NDP show later in the week and have more pics in my camera which I need to download, so more later…

But I was so tired after coming home and was even feeling it yesterday. A heartfelt salute to all the performers, presenters, motivators, ushers and volunteers who have been doing this every Saturday right from July….

Work-wise, I spoke to my boss about not going for the Delhi trip later in the month and he asked me to reconsider as the meeting is basically my baby and I have been planning and working on it for almost 3 months now, from logistics to agenda. So I will talk to S and the brats once more and take a decision soon!

The next two weeks are short ones (we get Friday to Monday off) as part of the Jubilee Weekend celebrations and I am really looking forward to the long and relaxing weekend…


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