PSLE Week 33 Update

The week ended with the PSLE Orals! Now that we have started, the pressure seems to be about 10% off. We’re down with 2 with 6 more to go…

Next week will be Prelims for the children and then a month of intense prep. The Composition and Listening Comprehension will sneak in between this before the final countdown in October!

BB was sick on Thursday morning with a high raging fever. I doused him with Panadol before sending him to school, and felt so bad in the process! There was nothing we could do at this point, but later in the day, I took him to the doctor, who, understanding the severity of the situation, gave us stronger doses of medicine. Luckily that worked and he was fine on Friday!

Both BB & GG seem to have done ok with both orals. I don’t want them to dwell on these exams, but look forward to next week for the Prelims. Unfortunately I won’t be around next week, so the onus is now on S….


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