2015 Week 35 Update

Another exhausting week with travel from Tuesday to Friday. For the first time in this organisation, I was sent for a training programme. I was debating internally whether I should do or not and in retrospect, I am glad I did it. My reason for not doing was my feeling of inadequacy that I didn’t have the experience the others would have and the internal feeling of being branded as an imposter. But I held my own against the others and even contributed a fair amount to the group. The group I was made up of senior people with an average of 10-15 years experience while I have a grand total 2.5 years of experience in this field!

Anyway, it’s back to office after being away for a while. This week is also an unexpected short week as Friday has been declared a public holiday because of elections in Singapore! Next week is the Listening Comprehension for BB & GG!

Have a great week folks!


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