2015 Week 36 Update

A short work week while Singapore went to the polls on Friday. The outcome was not entirely surprising, given that elections had been called a year early to capitalise on the euphoria of SG50 and the death of Mr. Lee Kwan Yew. This was a historic elections with every one of the 89 parliamentary seats being contested. What was surprising was the level with which the ruling party thrashed the opposition!!

We’re down to 2.5 weeks now for PSLE with the Listening Comprehension later in the week. I am planning to speak to my boss later today to discuss working half day in office and the balance at home till the end of next week and then working from home for the week and half of the PSLE exams.I also need to speak to him about any new projects since I literally don’t have any work in hand right now…

I also need to start looking for opportunities outside the organisation, but I think I will wait out the weeks till the end of PSLE.

We also booked our tickets to India for the end of the year, so looking forward to that trip and meeting my parents!

Have a great week everyone…


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