PSLE Week 37 Update

We had the Listening Comprehension exam on Friday and while GG said both languages were easy, BB said they were tricky. Aiyoh!! I don’t know whom to believe now…Hopefully they do well in the exams and get into the schools they want to get in.

I have been coming home at lunch and continuing working from home this week. Actually just 3 days as Thursday and Friday I was working from home the whole day. I will do this the next week also and then the week after that which is PSLE week, I will be at home till the end of the exams!

Both the children are stressed over the exams. GG vents it out and says she gets weird dreams, but BB is more close-mouthed. I think he has started sleepwalking. We found him in our bedroom the other day, trying to remove one of S’ pillows. Then yesterday, he woke up and found his jacket on the table – when he went to bed wearing it!

Hopefully they will do well in the exams – please pray for us as we reach the cresendo in this journey!


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