2015 Week 37 Update

A non happening week with all focus on the PSLE!

I have been working half day from home so it hardly felt as if I was at work last week. This will continue this week too and then next week till the end of the exams I will be working from home.

Actually working from home is a misnomer as I don’t have any work to do! Just before I got permission from my boss to work from home, I did mention that I don’t have anything on my plate now. His response was “So what will do at home?” I stared at him for a moment and mentioned some things I had been doing since last week to keep myself busy, but that’s not really something great. Aah well, in a way this is good as I don’t have deadlines while at home, but it becomes difficult to pretend to be busy at work! 😦

I have decided to start looking for new opportunities, I am starting this process now, so by the time the exams are done, I should be able to do this in all seriousness…

I am looking forward to the end of the exams so that we can go shopping!! I’ve planned some stuff with BB & GG and this is something to look forward to….

Have a great week folks!


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