PSLE Week 38 Update

The PSLE exams start next week!!

The Haze situation in Singapore is getting real bad. Last week, on Thursday, it was spiking the whole day, finally peaking at over 300, which is the Hazardous range. Parents in all the groups were fretting over how the children will cope with this in the run-up to the exam when the Ministry of Education declared Friday a holiday for Primary and Secondary schools in the light of the situation. Friday morning was bad, but cleared up quite a bit mid morning. BB & GG’s school also cancelled the Mid Autumn Festival and Family Day the school had planned!

Now praying hard that the haze remains in below 100 (the preference) or in the 100-150 range till all exams are over. We were told this situation will go on till early November due to the El Nino effect here!

Praying hard both GG & BB do well in the exams so that they can choose their school, and the school does not choose them!

Please pray for us!!


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