PSLE Week 39 Update

This is it! The exams started end of last week and we are halfway through it now. We’re done with English and Maths, but have Mother Tongue aka Hindi and Science left.

The haze situation is still bad, fluctuating between 150 to over 200. My only worry last week was that the PSI should not be high during the exams.

So far of the papers they’ve done, both said English was very easy. BB said he didn’t feel any different than writing a school exam.My concern now is that if the paper is so easy, then maybe the marking will be difficult with the cohort average high and so the standard deviation also low….What this means for marking I don’t know! Hopefully both get an A*(praying for that) or atleast an A for English.

During the Maths exam, at one of groups on Facebook that I belong to, someone posted that Paper 1 was a killer! I immediately got scared and started praying to all the Gods and Goddesses I know as I was very worried about GG as Maths is her weakest subject. It was agony till they came home and then an anti-climax when they announced it was tricky, but moderately difficult….

People posted questions on Facebook and based on the answers there and confirming with BB, I think he can score a good mark…Now need to hope the bell curve is in their favour…

Ok, two more to go and then we are home free… and can start worrying about the results!


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