2015 Week 39 Update

Another boring week where I worked on a bit of work-stuff and mostly on our post-PSLE trip!

I’ve also realised that there is no place for me in this organisation, atleast in the role I envision for myself. Thus the only alternative is to leave. The two days I am home this week and also moving on, I’ve decided to work on my CV more and start applying. Hopefully I will get something in my hands before my contract is due for renewal in the first quarter of 2016….

The rest of the week was mostly stressing over the PSLE exams and helping BB & GG with their work. Today is the penultimate paper and tomorrow is the last one…Then freedom for GG & BB!

After that, the worrying about the results start….Hopefully they do well enough that they get to choose their schools and not let the schools choose them. Meaning they do well enough that they have enough points to have choices rather than restrict options to schools that will take them in 😦


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