2015 Week 40 Update

I stayed at home for the first two days of the week and went back to work after nearly 10 days. Felt like I was going back after a holiday!

I’ve decided to seriously start looking for a new position and in the meantime give my all here. I want them to seriously miss me when I leave….

On Monday, after lunch, I started having so much problems with my company issued laptop, so much that I was unable to send or receive emails. Apparently, my laptop no longer has space in the hard disk and this is a new laptop, which was issued to me less than six months back! The zinger is that because I had a similar problem in my previous laptop, I transferred all files into an external drive and so other than some random files in the desktop, there is nothing I have saved here…..

Since I was working from home, I could only take it to our IT on Wednesday. Turned out that it was actually not that big a problem. When the technician who took my call on Monday did something to my laptop’s email application, he didn’t delete the old stuff which resulted in all the problems I was having!

On Tuesday after the final PSLE paper ended, we decided to go to the library as BB & GG had not borrowed books in a while. What made this trip to the library special was that the National Library Board was celebrating 20 years this year and decided to let everyone borrow 20 books per card! We’re in book heaven now after borrowing loads of books! Happy 20th Birthday NLB! Also did some other non-clothes shopping. The kids had friends over our home on Friday. They’ve known these friends forever! They are also a pair of boy/girl twins like BB & GG, just a couple of months older. They used to stay in the same estate as us, in the opposite building. We met when BB & GG were around a year old and they’ve been playing together since then. It’s so much fun to see them grow together…

Then I made it a shopping day on Sunday! The three of us (S had to go to a temple with his mom, so joined us later) left home around 10ish and went to a few malls to have lunch and shop! It was great fun now that the kids are older. We should do this more often. We had dinner at our regular restaurant near our place and came home tired but happy 🙂


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