2015 Week 41 Update

The last week was one of the sorts I like – a fairly busy week! When I am busy, I don’t over think and the day at work zips by. I love such weeks! When I am free and don’t have much to do, I tend to snack often and then have to find things to look busy. I hate such days! I am actually underworked here, so these days are more often there than busy days….

Since it is Navratri, people have been inviting us, but what with work and the holidays, I could only go to my inlaws place on Friday. She does this every year and so after work, I dolled up in a saree and went there. Spent a pleasant evening chatting with people I see only once a year!

Then Saturday was the day when BB & GG, along with others performed at a nearby temple. They are learning South Indian classical music or Carnatic music for a few years now and every year during Navratri, the teacher puts up a performance at a local temple where her students can sing. This year, their class, which mostly has PSLE students didn’t have enough practice as most of them didn’t go to class in the month before the exams. But in spite of that, the children did a great job. I am really happy that both GG & BB, especially GG, enjoy singing!

We’re in Penang for a few days, taking a well-deserved break part 1 after the grueling year that was the PSLE. I’m taking loads of pictures and will post more about these later on!

Have a great week folks!


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